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Rajasthan may be a royal depiction of wealthy heritage and an excellent past. It’s one in every of the foremost vibrant and colorful states of India that stretches across miles of sands known as desert. This desert kingdom encompasses wealthy traditions of ancient kingdoms in India that flow within the melodies of the folklore. The regal lineage and its history may be a melodious a part of the music that’s characteristic of state of Rajasthan. Annually a whole bunch and thousands of Indian and international tourists flock right down to this colorful state of India as its remains one in every of the foremost well-liked tourist attractions within the country.

Architectural heritage of Rajasthan:

Rajasthan is home to ancient forts and palaces that bear the architectural heritage from the past. The individuals of Rajasthan still carry the deep cultural values and are pleased with their heritage that comes from a stimulating historical past. Rajasthan tour is one in every of the foremost enchanting experiences. so, you’ll elect many special devised packages from numerous tour operators that fit your budget and schedule throughout your visit to India. Rajasthan holds numerous tourists attractions that may leave you’re mesmerized with their grandeur and spectacular heritage within the variety of culture and design.

Some Historical Facts about Rajasthan:

History exists in Rajasthan within the variety of a fairy tales that can’t be missed throughout your visit to India. Tales of Rajasthan speak of kings, queens, battles, thrones, palaces, fortresses that lend their special nostalgic charm to the entire image. Tourists carry this glamorous historical image in their hearts and minds that last a life time. Come back and knowledge the quaint alleyways of historical cities of the state sitting quietly amidst sandy lands and wealthy traditions.

Rustic Fold Culture of Rajasthan:

One of the foremost placing and cognizant options of Rajasthan is its rustic fold culture. Its admirable characteristics stand out amidst all different tours of India. The grand and fun crammed fairs and festivals of Rajasthan attract tourists from everywhere the globe and build the place a requirement visit.

Festival culture of Rajasthan:

If you’re visiting Rajasthan, you must visit numerous fairs and festivals as they kind an integral a part of the wealthy tradition and cultural heritage of the state. make a choice from numerous tailor created packages of Rajasthan Holiday Packages that permit you explore it deeply instead of searching through the tourist coach window. Explore the wonderful land and knowledge the robust however colorful lifetime of this place that may be simply customized as per your schedule and luxury.

Cultural heritage of Rajasthan and Tour Operators:

The best thing you do is to plan the tour beforehand or contact with tour operators. Before visiting you can search about it. This spares you the difficulty of designing an intensive sightseeing schedule. You can let the operators choose the hotel. By doing this you can save some time for your visits. Also the have best experience about the tourist’s spots. You can relax and make them do the work for you.

What to expect:

You’ll simply escape the fuss of designing and finding the most effective hotel as per your budget. Tour operators recognize the most effective locations and therefore the best suited hotels that may suit all types of budget and travelling schedules. The tour organizer will pay attention of your tiny desires and every one the travelling expenses together with accommodation and dining. There are many Tour Packages however bound places of attraction are included as they’re the foremost well-liked tourist destinations and are typically the foremost visited ones. Many Travel Packages additionally embrace bound means fares at the side of accommodation and dining choices, which makes them very convenient for the travelers.

Some of the favoured Rajasthan Tours is:

Cultural & Heritage Tour

Desert Safari

Camel Safari

Fort and Palaces Tour

Luxury Rajasthan Tours

Pushkar honest Tour

Villages Safari

Wildlife Tours


Various well-liked tourist destinations included in these  Tour Packages provides a deep insight into the cultural and architectural heritage of India. A number of the favored locations of Rajasthan tour are Jaipur, Bikaner, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Mount Abu and lots of additional. Tourists will loves Camel Safari, looking spree, Wild Life Safari and additionally relish. They have a massive gastronomically expertise with ancient Rajasthani cuisines.