How to prepare for safe travelling with children


We all love to travel and always care for safe travelling. Fortunately, more than half of the holidays are ahead of us. Many people are just about to go on holiday. Therefore, in today’s article we bring some advice on how to handle a long car journey with children.

Travelling at night

A longer stay in a hot car is neither healthy nor safe for anyone. The driver, who is exposed to temperatures over thirty degrees for several hours, is fatigued and drowsy, thus reducing his ability to concentrate behind the wheel for safe travelling.

For young children, a long stay in the heat is also exhausting. Therefore, plan to travel beyond the border for the night. Night travel has two advantages. Not only do you avoid the biggest heat, you are also more confident that your children will sleep most of the ride, so they will not get bored and stressed by any angry, crying, etc.

Breaks and Drinking Mode

Even if you choose to drive overnight, you still have to stop, stretch and refresh sometimes. Long sitting in the seat without the possibility of free movement is not very pleasant for children. Therefore, if a child is not asleep, it is advisable to take short breaks every two to three hours so that the child is at least a little stretched, passed and of course drank.

Take things that takes you away from boredom for a safe journey

Allow children to have their favorite toy, stuffed toy, book in their seat. Choose toys that are not hard and hard to hurt the baby in the event of an impact.

At least for a while, the kids will have a good time when you play their favourite fairy tales or songs. Larger children will be pleased to play a game on the phone, laptop or tablet. In this case, think of a sufficiently charged flashlight in advance.

But grateful are also games that you need nothing at all. In addition to proven word football, or game of questions and answers “Who or what is it?”, You can play so-called observation games. Count the cars of each colour, compete, who first sees some way along the way etc. Games of similar type designed directly for car trip can also be bought.

First aid kit on the road for a safe travel

A well-equipped first aid kit is a necessity, without which you should not go on holiday. In addition to the medicines you and your children use regularly, they should contain preparations to help you if you have a health problem abroad.

What the first aid kit should contain

Of course, take all the medicines you take regularly with you for safe travelling. In addition, the following products should not be missing in your first aid kit:

  •  Anti-fever medications that also reduce pain and cause anti-inflammatory effects
  • Medication for nausea in aircraft, car, or. marine diseases
  • Drugs for stomach pain and other digestive problems
  • Drops or cough syrup
  • Drops or spray against cold
  • Eye drops
  • Cream or ointment for sore spots
  • Liquid powder or gel containing antihistamines for insect bites, sea animals and plants, against itchy rashes
  •  Anti-allergic products.
  • Disinfection
  • Plasters, bandages
  • Needles, tweezers, scissors and thermometer
  • Tanning preparations
  • Repellent preparations

First Aid Kit on the Internet

If you are still unsure whether you have all the necessary medication packaged, find a handy tool for completing your first-aid kit on the Internet.


In the conclusion we can say that in addition, it is possible to order the medicines selected here, saving a lot of time, which will certainly come in handy when looking for other necessary things for a holiday. You will also find an overview of compulsory and recommended vaccinations for specific countries on the Internet.