Ladakh: one of the most attractive place to visit

It would be fair if I mention that Ladakh is one such place of India where you could have the adventure of your life. Agree on this? Ladakh is one such place which is laced with gorgeous trekking trails. On your Ladakh Trekking Tour, if you want to feel the feeling of pride and sense of accomplishment, pack your adventure gear, take out your DSLR and prepare to head out for the best trekking trails because our checklist of 5 Best Ladakh Trekking Trails will pump up the adrenaline in you. Keep reading on!

1. Markha Valley Trek of Ladakh

Markha valley will deliver you the real perspectives of expensive nature. You want 6-7 days to mark this trek whole, The trek starts from Spitok, the bottom camp. The inexperienced plant life surrounding inside the begin of the trek makes for a view which couldn’t be without issue forgotten. Brought to that is the Markha River in addition to the view of the Zanskar range in order to in reality fulfills that filmy imagination of yours. the trails of the trek are full of small shrines and prayer partitions.  Book this 9 Nights 10 Days Markha Valley Trek Tour

2. Chadar Trek of Ladakh

One of the most difficult treks within the Ladakh location, the Chadar Trek Tour at the equal time is as soon as in a lifetime adventure which you need to now not omit for your Leh-Ladakh tour package. The speciality of this trek is the trek is organized inside the winter season most effective. This is due to the fact the trek is an icy wonderland, wherein you may truly stroll at the frozen Zanskar River subsequently the call *chadar*. Now imagine the sense of thrill you’ll get. it’s an interesting 8-9 day trek protecting an entire lot of villages at the side of the Chilling Village covering a distance of about one 130 Kms. You would possibly even spot a snow leopard in case you’re lucky. so, start planning for your visit.

3. Spituk To Stok Trek of Ladakh

Captivating for the amateur or moderate trekkers, this scenic trek which starts from Leh is a good brief trek to acclimatize your frame to the chilling weather and altitude of Ladakh. This Spituk to Stok trek takes four days and can be finished effortlessly. The Rumbak River which flows into Indus can be an excellent internet website to pitch your tents and you may even take a dip inside the one’s easy waters to have a good time yourself. Further, hiking will take you to the Rumbak village and to the Hemis national Park wherein you could experience the vegetation and fauna of the mountains.

4. Snow Leopard Trek

The Snow Leopard Trek is among the most favourite treks. it’s a sight for the eyes to spot this majestic leopard roaming freely in its verdant habitat. The trek takes you through the Hemis National Park and its neighbouring regions where this enigmatic creature is seen. You may additionally discover the monasteries nearby! Organised in winters, it’s a 13-day trek and the quality time to go is from Mid-November to Mid-March. You may additionally sight different animals like Yaks, Blue Sheeps and birds as properly!

5. Nubra Valley Trek in Ladakh

Want to enjoy the best of Ladakh Trekking Tour? The getaway to historical silk route and home to the double-humped camel, Nubra valley in Ladakh is one of the most visited and vain to say, one of the maximum beautiful place for Ladakh Trekking Tour. Whilst you get to be closest to such splendour, you’ll now not need to miss it for the area. Nubra valley trek starts from Sabu village and takes you to Digar La Pass, the very excellent point of the trek. The trek takes you via Indus valley and Zanskar valley in advance than in the end completing the adventure at Diskit village in Leh. You want to have at least 10-12 days to transport for this trek and enjoy Nubra first hand.


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