4 Tips for Staying Safe During Solo Travel


While the idea of traveling somewhere alone may seem downright terrifying to some people, the truth is that solo travel can be one of the most wonderful ways to take a trip! You’re completely free to set your itinerary as you please without having to worry about the opinions of the other travelers in your group. Not to mention you’re a lot more open to new experiences than you would be traveling with people you already know.

Yet make no mistake about it— solo travel does come with its risks, particularly if you’re a female. It’s important that you know how to stay safe while traveling alone to ensure that you get the most out of your experience. Here are some of the best tips for prioritizing your safety while also enjoying the benefits of solo adventures.

Do a Little Research

One of the best parts about the internet is that there’s all sorts of information out there, particularly when it comes to travel. Research the destination you’re going to ahead of time and get to know if there are any areas that are more dangerous than others. There are some areas of the world where someone can easily reach into your handbag and steal everything you own without you feeling a thing.

However, you usually find these sorts of places identified on traveler forums. High pickpocketing areas are often well-known by locals and travelers, so a little research ahead of time will help you to stay extra aware in places like these.

You should also ask your local concierge or hostel receptionist if there are any areas that would be better left alone. Since these types of employees are usually locals, they’ll often have great advice on places to avoid that could be dangerous.

Stay Aware

Whether you’re in Hong Kong, or back home in Alabama, half of staying safe is being aware of your surroundings. Keep your “feelers out” and always notice what and who is around you. Be reasonable about the kind of environment you’re putting yourself in, and whether you may be putting yourself at risk by wearing flashy jewelry or exhibiting behavior that could attract unwanted attention.

Trust Your Gut

Sometimes we have senses that go beyond the traditional ones like smelling, tasting, and seeing. That little inner voice that tells you something is off for no particular reason is usually right!  Don’t ignore this voice, and always trust your gut if something feels unsafe. Even if you’re wrong, it’s worth taking a little extra precaution to keep yourself out of harm’s way.

Travel With a Phone

Traveling with a phone isn’t just handy for getting around in your destination, it can also be a great safety tool!  Not only can you call emergency services if something happens, but your friends and family can also see your GPS location in real-time to help you stay connected and safe.