6 Best Walking Tours in London


There are many cities you have visited with full of history and culture that you wander like London. There are humble corner pubs, legendary rock bands, serve infamous customers like Jack the Ripper, and many more.

It is no surprise that most international tourists want to book a London walking tour to discover the city through the eyes of any local guy.

There are many but 6 of them are the best walking tours in London that cover history, pop culture, street art, food, etc.

1. Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and Changing of the Guard in London

There are some sites in London that you have to see at least one by one and you can take walk visits them. You can meet our guide for anytime from 9am till evening to start to trek 14,000 steps around London.

Tower of London

2. Urban Jungle Tour in London

No two neighborhoods in London are like, similarly, each has a unique character and style that is shaped by centuries of history. It is one of my favorite areas to explore is the trendy-yet-grungy East End which you can get to know with locals.
Whitechapel was the first art gallery in London. It is open to the public. Art exhibitions in the 1800s were reserved for the wealthy but they did not live in Shore ditch. Their presence can still be seen today in the Victorian townhouses, traditional pubs, and industrial factory facades.

Urban Jungle

3. Behind the Scenes of Parliament Tour in London

If you are interested in seeing how the British Parliament operates. You can book the Take Walks Behind the Scenes Parliament Tour. There you can meet tour coordinators at Parliament Square from 4pm start. We wandered over the Westminster Palace where Ariana saw our group through the security then handed us over to official Parliament guidein London.


4. Vegan Food Tour in London

If you asked me what my favorite type of walking tour at any other point in my life. I have chosen a vegan path that suitable food tours are a lot harder to find unless you are in London.

5. Harry Potter Walking Tour of London

You might recognizea few of the London streets and buildings from blockbustermovies like James Bond, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, etc. If you want to really explore the filming locations from your favorite British movie, I want you to book a walking tour with the Brit Movie Tours. You can meetmany different guides at Westminster Underground Station.

6. Life & Death in Victorian London with Special Access of the Highgate Cemetery Tour

You have been to London a few times so that you are not interested in the typical tours. You can delve into the underbelly of London in the 1800s by taking Walks. You can meet the guide Fabian and a small group of 10 at Kings Cross Station.
The backstory for the cultural upheavals which was experienced during Queen Victoria’s reign induced by the industrial revolution.