Find Love While You Travel


Travelling around the world is something everyone’s wish and why not it be. To travel is to set your spirit free, to dive within your inner-self and to explore & learn the diversities of the world. And it shouldn’t be a daunting prospect, as the essence of travelling is to meet new people and to learn about their culture despite their language differences. This is what makes the backpacking and travelling an amazing experience. And what, if you find love while you travel?

Of course, ‘dating while travelling’ isn’t very common thing that many of us have heard in our day-to-day life. And the life of travelers is considered as the nomadic way of life, which allows them to set their spirit free and to explore their inner-self & the outside world. People often think of how hard it is to have or maintain a relationship for the people who travel all the time.

Perpetual singleness is the major downside of the solo travels, as you may not have enough time to build a lasting relationship with someone. Whenever your relationship is about to blossom, it’s time for you…or them…to fly off. So, is it never going to happen? Of course not! Finding romance on the road (while you travel) isn’t really that hard, but maintaining long-term relationships can be.

Wherever you go, you’ll always find yourself surrounded by a number of people, either fellow travellers or other backpackers, with whom you can continue your journey or even find love (though for a while). Meet new people, struck up a conversion, hang out with them, become travel partners, say goodbye after your trip, then met up again at some new place. This is the way, if things are meant to be, they will work out. Maybe not right now, but in the future. The drawback of travel romances are like long-distance relationships- they are difficult, challenging and have horrible failure rate.

Travelmaping websites however, are seemed to be rapidly expanding their businesses, providing a variety of customization tour options to travelers with an urge to explore the world. One such example is “Single Stroll” tour organised in US, founded in 2015 by Mark & Erie. This website follow travel-eccentric ethos, keeping in mind to deliver the safe and comprehensive travel experience to single travelers who are finding romance. Users can register themselves on the site, meet singles & the guide (the one who show your way around), get mingle with their pair, and enjoy the memorable moments of their 1 day tour with their travel partner.

This site encourage safe travel for members, who wish to meet up with new people. Use of the site is free for female members, (only a minimal amount of the trip is charged, which will be completely refunded after they complete the trip) while for male users, the total cost of the trip will be charged. More details on Single Stroll are available on the website. Get ready for an adventure with a hot travel mate and find opportunities to travel and date combined on a dating trip!