Finding Age-Appropriate Activities for Vacation Adventures


A family vacation is one of life’s great joys. Getting closer to the people you love offers a chance to have fun in a relaxed setting and make wonderful memories. If you want everyone at your party to have as much fun as possible, it’s important to focus on family-friendly activities. Your children should have things they like to do when you’re traveling. Parents who can plan out such activities before they go are parents who are likely to be rewarded with very happy children. Fortunately, finding the ideal activities for your children is easier than ever right now.

Each Age is Different

One of the most important things to remember is that each age is very different. An older teen has very different interests than a young grade-schooler. It’s also important to keep in mind that each age group will need some time out to help recharge. Parents should avoid packing in too many activities in a single trip. It’s also a good idea to group children by age. If you are traveling with several kids during the trip, the older kids should be given separate activities than the younger children. Whenever possible, look for destinations that offer something for all age groups. Sometimes for grownup vacations, it’s appropriate to find the best surf camp for adults.

Contact the Destination

Websites give a lot of useful information. However, this information may be out of date or slightly inaccurate. The web is a great place to begin your search but do not take what is written on a site as necessarily accurate. Contacting a site can help you discover the real truth about it. Many places are happy to email you direct updates. For example, there may be special events that are not listed on the website that you want to know about. Contacting them directly can ensure that you’re making a good choice for your family trip.

The Youngest Family Members

Older babies, toddlers, and children under five like taking trips but they need a lot of special attention to make the trip work best. You’ll want to pack lots of items for them especially well in advance. If the child has a favorite toy, now is the time to bring it out. Something familiar can help them relax if they feel scared on a plane or train ride. Good family vacation destinations for kids in this age group are a must. For example, kids at this age like to have room to run around and explore things. That’s why it’s a good idea to look for places that offer outdoor activities. A large city is a fun place. Make sure you know where there’s a park nearby as you do a walking tour. That can help little kids work off their excess energy.

Older Children

Older children in your party also need consideration when you’re on a trip. At this age, kids like places that let them see a variety of places in a single vacation. They do well when they have places to explore that challenge their developing brains. A major city like Paris, New York, or London is a great choice for a family-friendly, modern vacation. Kids can increase their knowledge of varied subjects when on vacation here such as history, the arts, and the world of business. Search for specific events geared towards this age group. For example, many theater groups have activities designed to help tweens learn about what it takes to put on a Shakespearean play or how to perform a dance at a ballet. Such especially aimed activities help kids get the most out of a family vacation.

Well in Advance and Flexibility

Making plans well in advance for your vacation is ideal. So is allowing for lots of changes in plans at the last moment. One of the great joys of being on vacation is your ability to change things up if that’s what you want to do. A good family vacation will have many possibilities on hand each day. For example, if you are visiting Boston with the kids, you’ll have a wealth of both indoor and outdoor activities on hand here. On a sunny day, you can stroll the Freedom Trail. If it starts to rain or get colder, you can always head indoors. Boston has lots of amazing museums that offer a multitude of activities for everyone in your party.

A vacation is a chance to take a break from the ordinary and have a lot of fun with the kids. At the same time, as a parent, you want to ensure that your kids are having a good time. That’s why good planning and careful attention to the needs of all of your children can pay off. A well-planned vacation with many great things to do for everyone will create a memorable time that everyone loves.