Traveling alone can be interesting and intimidating, mainly if it’s your first time. When choosing a place, solo travelers should consider safety, accessibility, and sometimes even language. How would you begin? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best destinations for solo travel; however, it’s not all-inclusive.

The UK (Wales, England, and Scotland)

A single airplane ticket can get you into three different nations in the UK, an English-speaking region. Wales, Scotland, and England have good transportation connections, each with its attractions and cultural offerings. Thanks to the UK’s pub culture, you’ll find it easy to start a nice discussion with the locals on a laid-back evening out.

Britons are known for their laid-back demeanor, sense of humor, and enjoyment of lighthearted conversation—all while incorporating a fair amount of sarcasm. You’re likely to make interesting new friends in your hotel or on local tours, as this is a well-liked tourist destination for people worldwide. Find the best travel guide to learn what to expect in these countries.

Costa Rica

Even if you don’t understand much Spanish, you may still travel to Costa Rica, one of Latin America’s safest countries. Ticos, or people from Costa Rica, are often amiable and easygoing and like to welcome visitors. Because of the nation’s fantastic ecotourism prospects, local businesses are accustomed to visitors enjoying its national parks and cloud forests on foot, by bicycle, by kayak, or by ziplining. Additionally, Costa Rica offers a variety of reasonably priced accommodation options, making it an ideal area to meet other travelers on a tight budget!


Don’t let the language barrier deter you from traveling alone—Japan is a great destination and friendly to tourists! Even though compared to other Asian countries, Japan has a lower standard of English, many cities provide tourist information booths and centers if you need assistance or some direction.

Japan is a unique destination for single travelers since there is a growing cultural trend for doing things alone, or “ohitorisama.” Japanese individuals are embracing enjoying activities that were previously only thought to be enjoyed in groups, such as going to the movies alone or learning how to sing karaoke by themselves. So go ahead and order a martini at the bar by yourself—you won’t be the only one!


Canada is an English-speaking country. Another benefit for individuals who might be reluctant to travel alone is the reputation of the USA’s northern neighbor for being incredibly friendly and welcoming. Those who wish to fully immerse themselves in the arts scene in cities such as Montreal and Toronto can find something to suit their needs in Canada’s vast and varied geography.


Nestled between Germany and Belgium, the Netherlands is the ideal destination for those who appreciate beauty in all its forms. It is well-known for its rich artistic heritage, vibrant tulip fields, and striking windmills. You can just as easily use a bicycle as your primary transportation rather than renting a car. Bikeability: The Netherlands is mainly flat with low-lying plains, so virtually everyone can cycle!

The takeaway

Use online travel guides to learn more about your destination and boost your confidence as a solo traveler.