How To Stay Healthy When Traveling

How To Stay Healthy When Traveling
How To Stay Healthy When Traveling

Staying healthy when you travel helps make the experience a lot more enjoyable. From using some common sense and following these basic tips on how to stay healthy when travelling, you place yourself in the best position to get the most of your adventure.

How to stay healthy during your flight

Long flights are not only tiring but highly dehydrating. Aim to drink 500ml of water every hour and if you’re feeling tired, considering getting two orange juices with no ice. As salty food dehydrates you, eat lightly during your flight and avoid taking coffee, alcohol, and sugar until the last couple of hours of the flight. Staying still for too long can cause blood clots in your legs so take the opportunity to walk hourly during your flight. When seating, try flexing your ankles and avoid crossing your legs. Applying CBD oil may also help if you’re in it for long flights!CBDClinicalsoffers the best cbd oils to help you get through your flight as well as get over your jetlag (if you ever have any!)

How to keep track of your nutrition when travelling

The longer you travel, the more affected you will be from an inadequate diet. Budget travellers tend to eat more carbs and less protein to make the most of their travel budget. Protein is essential in staying healthy as it helps your body fight infection and rebuild muscles. The best way to gain the most nutrition from protein is to eat it with your largest meal of the day. Consider taking super vitamin supplements to help make up for any lacking on your end.

What you should do when eating out

Use good judgment when you eat out by avoiding unhealthy or unsanitary-looking restaurants. Make sure that your meat is cooked thoroughly (unless you’re eating sushi, steak, Carpaccio, and so on) and in some destinations, avoid meat altogether. Having a translated version of “well done” on a piece of paper in the language of the visiting country will make ordering easy when travelling. Consider bringing hand sanitizer to maintain a good level of cleanliness when eating out.

Maintain your hygiene

Dirt leads to bacteria and bacteria lead to falling sick. Keep yourself clean when travelling by washing your hands regularly, keeping clean nails and avoid touching your face. Maintaining your hygiene will give yourself an advantage by being in control of your own cleanliness. That way you are reducing the chance of becoming ill.

Exercising on the go

 The great thing about travelling is the natural amount of exercise that comes with it. You end up walking more than you would in your normal environment. Plus, the fresh air is great for your health. Consider going the extra mile by incorporating elements of exercise in your travels such as biking which is a great way to burn calories and intimately experience a destination. Other forms of exercise that allow you to take on the views and sights include running, kayaking and other activities that involve moving around.

The importance of sleep

Getting enough sleep will ensure your travels are more enjoyable as you feel more energized throughout the day to take part in more activities. A healthy amount of hours a night is around 7 to 8 hours minimum per night. We know that travelling can be extremely exciting and the overwhelming excitement can distract you from taking care of yourself. With these tips on how to stay healthy when you travel, you’ll hopefully be one step closer to not falling sick on the road!