How to Support LGBTQ Businesses in Your Local Area

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Starting a business can be a scary yet exciting venture for many in a local community. It is certainly a brave achievement to actually take the leap and become an entrepreneur. Businesses, especially LGBTQ owned, can struggle to get their feet off the ground when starting up. It is important then for the community in and about the locale to support these businesses, but especially so for LGBTQ businesses. This article will discuss why it is important to support such businesses as well as the different ways this can be done.

Why Should You Support LGBTQ Businesses

There are several reasons why you should support your local LGBTQ business. The good folk at OutCoast say that it is daunting to start a business, as there may not be a lot of customers initially. This can lead to a lack of confidence and reluctance to promote the business among the local community. Visiting these LGBTQ businesses and becoming a customer can encourage the owners to put forth more effort into making their business as popular as possible. They could hand out flyers, host events, and have exclusive offers and deals. The more confidence they have in their business, the more people will be intrigued.

As well as this though, local LGBTQ businesses will tend to offer a more personalized experience when compared to larger companies with several stores. The people that own and work in the smaller, local businesses are more likely to offer better and more personalized customer service due to the customers being members of the local community.

The Ways You Can Support LGBTQ Businesses

Now that we have discussed why it is important to support local LGBTQ businesses, let us look at the diverse ways you can do this.

Start Purchasing Goods & Services

One of the most obvious ways to support local LGBTQ businesses is by making purchases of their goods or services. To maintain their business, they will obviously need to be making a profit to pay their bills and purchase more stock. When more people shop at local LGBTQ businesses, whether that be a coffee shop or a florist, they will be helping ensure that these businesses flourish and even eventually thrive and expand.

Spread the Word

Social media and its ability to spread word of mouth is a powerful tool that can be utilized to promote LGBTQ businesses in the local community. Recommending a local business to family and friends can encourage them to then visit these businesses. This might hopefully then get them t spread the word and hopefully recommend it to even more people. Creating posts on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is also a way to reach a wider audience when promoting the company.

Write a Review

When people are looking to try out new local businesses, it is more than likely that they will check reviews to see if it is any good in the opinion of others. Posting a positive review (if you have received good service, obviously) for them is good as it allows potential customers to read the opinion of a local resident who has tried out the business. If there are plenty of reviews for the business, this will encourage more people to check out the company for themselves.


To summarize, it is important to support local LGBTQ businesses. It allows these businesses to gain the confidence needed to fully promote themselves to their local community. Additionally, local businesses offer more personalized service when compared to large chain companies. Some of the ways you can support them include becoming a regular customer, spreading the word, and writing a review.