It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere: The Best Happy Hours in Chicago

Happy Hours in Chicago

Waiting for the weekend after a tiring week may feel like many years away, especially when it’s a dreaded Monday. But you don’t need to wait for the weekend to meet your friend and pay for an overpriced drink at a very crowded spot to get boozy. A cost-effective outing awaits you after finishing a project in the office.

Whether your workplace is in your Uptown bedroom or the loop, go to a nearby bar and enjoy the best happy hours in Chicago. Some of the best happy hour spots, which are always 5 o’clock, include the following:

1.     Marshall’s Landing

When a tiring workday comes to an end, it’s time to enjoy the happy hour at Marshall’s Landing. Whether you are looking to celebrate a successful contract signing with crafted cocktails or unwind with two cold beers, Marshall’s Landing always guarantees something to satisfy you.

With prime destinations a couple of blocks away, happy hour at Marshall’s Landing offers an excellent starting point for a memorable night out in Chicago. Want to see your favorite show or catch a concert? Start the night with refreshing drinks as you enjoy beautiful views at Marshall’s Landing.

2.     Hub 51

Whether it’s cocktails, nachos, or sushi that makes you happy, this spot guarantees to make you happy every day. The happy hour starts from 3 pm to 6 pm.

You can dine in for a sushi happy hour at half price or even spend around $20 to get two drinks and free nachos. The happy hour spot is conveniently situated on Hubbard Street, making it an amazing place to start your night.

3.     Bronzeville Winery

A very long wine list, delicious food, R&B jams, upbeat funk, and live music on the plant-filled sidewalk patio are valid reasons to visit this happy hour spot. While in BronzevilleWinnery, expect $7 glasses of cocktails and wine, plus some bar snacks, which change regularly.

4.     La Luna

You have no reason not to celebrate taco Tuesdays at La Luna. The best thing about happy hours in La Luna is that the $3 tacos provided give you a reason to indulge.

You can also visit this colorful Pilsen happy hour spot for a midweek pick-me-up and enjoy your meal for only $5. Inside the restaurant, sit below full-wall murals, but during summer, sit outdoors and enjoy the sights of 18th Street.

5.     The Victor Bar

This was a pioneer for bringing unique cocktails to a neighborhood’s tavern. Other joints followed suit, offering every drinker the option of fancy drinks.

The Victor Bar’s décor goal is to evoke Paris, making it an unpretentious and attractive spot to meet for an early dinner date or catch up with friends.

6.     Gilt Bar Chicago

If you have the mood for a dimly lit and romantic bar with some happy hour specials, Gilt Bar Chicago is your go-to joint. The atmosphere in this joint makes it one of the best bars for happy hours.

After exploring the attractions in Chicago and spending a day shopping, spend some time to indulge in one of the city’s happy hour joints. Most of these joints provide specials on cocktails, wine, and beer that are better paired with small dishes and appetizers.