Recommended Natural Tourist Attractions in East Kalimantan


It is undeniable that everyone needs a holiday trip to rest from their daily work. East Kalimantan is one of the tourist destinations that is rarely visited but has much attractive natural beauty.

Who would have thought the East Kalimantan region has many unique natural attractions? This city offers many natural charms that are different from other cities, from white sand beaches, and beautiful underwater charms, to various caves with stunning panoramas.

Natural Tourist Attractions in East Kalimantan

East Kalimantan is a region in the central part of Indonesia with many hidden gem tourisms. Here are some recommendations for tourist attractions you can visit while on vacation in East Kalimantan.

1. Goa Haji Mangku

Goa Haji Mangku is one of East Kalimantan’s most famous cave tours. This cave is located on Maratua Island, with stunning exotic views. By exploring the cave, tourists can visit a lake with clear water. This cave’s attraction is the lake’s watercolour, which is clear turquoise. So tourists can see the beautiful bottom of the lake. Besides that, in this lake, visitors are also allowed to swim.

2. Kakaban Island

Kakaban Island is a part of Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan, famous for its jellyfish habitat. Jellyfish usually live on the high seas, but on this island, there is a lake where jellyfish live. There are estimated to be thousands of jellyfish that live in the lake. Tourists can swim and see jellyfish directly without fear of being stung. Apart from that, there are also underwater natural attractions around the rivers of Kakaban Island, which are suitable for snorkelling and diving.

3. Derawan Island

Derawan Island is the perfect destination for tourists who like diving. This island offers a beautiful beachfront view with lots of coconut trees. There are also underwater tours to see the beauty of coral reefs and other biota. The seawater around Derawan Island is very clear, allowing tourists to see the underwater scenery. You don’t even need to dive, by snorkelling you can also see marine life.

4. Sangalaki Island

Many islands have become tourist destinations in East Kalimantan, one of which is Sangalaki Island. This island has views of white sand beaches with calm waves. Many coconut trees around the beach will enhance the holiday atmosphere. The uniqueness of Sangalaki Island is its turtle tourism spots. On this island, tourists can learn about Indonesia’s types of sea turtles and see their breeding process firsthand.

East Kalimantan has many tourist destinations that have yet to be known widely by tourists, this city has various natural beauty and is suitable for a vacation with family.