Three reasons to book a Mallorca yacht charter

Mallorca yacht charter

The largest island within the Balearic chain, Mallorca, is celebrated for its spectacular climate, sparkling waters and beautiful natural scenery. Home to over 200 white sand beaches, a Mallorca yacht charter is the best way to fully indulge in and explore its stunning winding coastline at your leisure. Guests can take their pick from secluded bays, deserted coves and isles to enjoy before heading ashore to see some of the island’s picturesque villages and towns. Offering a range of amenities, sites and experiences for all to enjoy, here are three reasons why you should book a Mallorca yacht charter today.

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Mallorca is said to offer the ideal combination of soft sandy beaches with sparkling turquoise waters and beautiful inlets, where the waters are nestled underneath jagged cliff sides. With plenty of places for anchorages, visitors will have their pick to choose from when it comes to swimming, diving and watersports. For those looking to people-watch while they relax under the warm sun, head to Cala Deià, where many A-listers and celebrities tend to frequent or drop anchor near Cala S’Amarador to lay in the sun on the deck of your charter yacht while you watch the crowds from afar. From a true natural refuge, head to the nature reserve of Cabrera, located just a couple of kilometres away from Mallorca. An uninhabited islet, Cabrera is known for its untouched beauty and national park that houses a 14th-century castle. With access to the island remaining limited, it is the ideal place to unwind in utter privacy and seclusion while soaking up the sun from its sandy beaches. 


Both main cities on the island, Palma de Mallorca and Manacor, have a long tradition of culture, religion and heritage. With more than 400,000 inhabitants, these are a must-see. The larger of the two, Palma, is home to the famous cathedral of La Sue and the stunning l’Almudaina Palace, which offer a peek into the island’s rich past and are key examples of its gothic architecture. Valldemossa, widely considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, is nestled in the island’s stunning countryside and features many traditional stone buildings. Wandering through its narrow streets will offer visitors a taste of its past. Be sure to visit the old Carthusian monastery, a source of inspiration for the Polish composer Chopin. Another gorgeous village to see is Sóller. Located in a rich, lush green valley, take the cable car down to the seaside to enjoy sweeping views of the area and have a coffee in the Plaça Constitució below. For those who genuinely love mountains, then be sure to visit Fornalutx. A charming village located in the mountains by the Serra de Tramuntana, this UNESCO World Heritage Site features ancient terraces, walls and traditional constructions made exclusively of dry stone. Explore the many cycling paths, trails and hiking roads that cross the beautiful landscape here. Lastly, the town of Alcúdia features an eclectic blend of architectural styles and archaeological sites from bygone eras, including the neo-Gothic Sant Jaume church. Built into the town’s restored medieval walls that encircle the Old Town, visitors will love exploiting the narrow streets and centuries-old buildings. 


Mallorca is also a perfect destination for food lovers. Home to dozens of restaurants serving delicious food tastes ranges from traditional Mediterranean recipes to more avant-garde and modern cuisine. Restaurants along the coastline tend to offer fresh, clean and simple dishes, focusing on local and regional cuisine, including seafood paella. Further inland, there are several high-end restaurants offering a blend of international cuisines with a contemporary twist that are sure to satisfy any palette.