You share the good times with people. Seeing a sunset at Taj Mahal with your partner, your friends or your family, for example, has a magical component. Personally, it makes me very happy to see the people I go to enjoy and get excited about ADVANTAGES.

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You feel safer in every way, especially when some setback occurs. It is not the same to fall ill if you only have people with you who can pay attention and help you. This aspect gives you great peace of mind. Security also gives the feeling of a certain collaboration and effort of your travel companions. I also think that each person has a gift, with something they control or know very well. If gifts come together, a lot of shortcomings are covered that make things go well and many problems see a solution.


Dead times are less. Waiting hours at an airport, a long train, a bus tour do not have to be boring because you will always have someone to talk to. Here the larger groups are ideal. And the “undead” times are enjoyed in a big way. Eat and dine out there, party, chat until the wee hours. Anyway, the company is reciprocal.


Travel ADVANTAGES costs are greatly reduced. There is a lot of difference if you rent a car by yourself compared to doing it with four more. Like accommodation, when you usually pay for a single room almost the same as for a double. Even if it’s time to sleep in a weathering place you have less repair.


ADVANTAGES Despite the disagreements, casual and justified because each one belongs to his father and his mother, they usually strengthen stronger ties with the people with whom you have shared a trip. If a friendship is true, it will be strengthened. Although the same effect also arises, but in the negative sense, with those who do not have too much feeling. In the case of the couple, if they survive a trip, it means that things are being done well. I know someone who broke up with two boyfriends when returning from two trips to India. Now it is very clear that it is best to check if there is compatibility or not to go to India first and then it will be seen. Travelling is a litmus test for love and friendship.


I could extend much more and extend the list, but I think these are relatively generic advantages that can be used to place the issue. All of them are written in my humble opinion and are likely to be interpreted in one way or another by each.