Travel Blogs of India-A Complete Guide To Travellers

Travel Blogs of India-A Complete Guide To Travellers
Travel Blogs of India-A Complete Guide To Travellers

Here, we tried to pick the best 5 best travel blogs of India which can be considered as the complete guide to the passionate travellers.

1. Travel Tales From India

Mridula Dwivedi is among the best travel bloggers who are experienced in writing travel blogs for more than 12 years. Her blog is known for its rich content about travel. Her journey started with article writing. Soon she realized her passion for writing and gave up her academic career to give complete dedication in writing blogs. The best part of her writing is she puts her personal experience of travelling in her writings. Her “monsoons of Kerala” and “deserts of Rajasthan” give us the feeling of being in the places as a traveller. She has been featured by the BBC and The Guardian.

2. Desi Traveler

Prasad NP has a flair in writing which depicts in his travel blogs. His dedication gave him the fame that he deserves rightly. Your search for travel blog ends here as it provides all the necessary information that helps you to plan your travel without hassles. You can explore the dos and don’ts of a place by reading his blogs. The best part of is the photography in her blog that stimulates your travel plans.

3. Devil On Wheels

Being a software developer, Dheeraj Sharma never limited his ability to his profession. He has a wide range of travel blogs where he has shared his wonderful experience of travelling to various tourist places. His blogs include various places from across the country which covers all kinds of travellers in the vicinity. His blog has covered the places from hills to mountains in India to help the travel planners to start their journey smoothly.

4. Trip Smooth

If you are planning to travel across the country and need proper guidance before you start your journey, then you are in the right place. Anupam Singh, a frequent traveller, loves to travel all the important places in the country. His skills in writing blogs are the source of his love for travelling. The good and bad experiences of travelling various places are shared in his blog. He always has an interest in helping fellow travellers and guides them with a proper travel plan. His blog is filled with photographs and other guidelines regarding stay and attractive places.

5. I Share

Indrani Ghose, a passionate writer has been writing blogs for more than 10 years. In spite of having a potential career path of being an engineer in the Indian Air Force, she chose to write for the travellers and showcase her skills in the field of blog writing. Her immense travelling experience is depicted in her blogs. She travelled more than 20 countries across the globe and shares her true travelling experience through her blogs. Her fair photography skills are also an attraction to visit her blog. Travellers want to visit various places with a proper guide may visit for their convenient travel plans.