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Mukutmanipur is a small town in West Bengal of India. It is located at the adjacent of a dam on the Kangsabati River. The main thing is that it is the second-largest earth dam in India.

Mukutmanipur is a famous place for one of the best picnic spots in the West Bengal. It is situated 55 km from Bankura near the confluence of the rivers of Kangsabati and Kumari. It is surrounded by the Green forests all around. It is a place where Hillocks is just like a dream come when you visit this place.

Mukutmanipur dam is a very famous place for the natural beauty of itself. It is a three-dimensional necklace of color comprises of green and terracotta. It is the stand of the water of the reservoir that looks like the large blue-tinted in a glass mirror that reflects with the vast expanse of the sky over it.

Mukutmanipur Dam

It provides the best view of the sunset with the lake in the foreground i.e. breathtaking. It is one of the best experiences you should be with the moonlit night. Jhilimili is situated around15 km away from the Mukutmanipur.

It is travel from Ranibandh to Jhilimili. This travel offers a natural beautiful exposure of different forests with varying heights on all sides when traveling through this route. It is the sparkle of the micaceous soil that adds to the beauty of that environment.

It is one that you can drive down from Kolkata to Mukutmanipurvery easily. It is around 250 kilometers that will take around approximately6 hours.

It is the popular weekend getaway for local peoples of Kolkata. Mukutmanipurdam is the serene town having green forests, clear blue water, and green hills.

Mukutmanipur Dam

Mukutmanipur is a town located on the West Bengal–Bihar border of these 2 states. It is mainly famous for the Mukutmanipur Dam i.e. the largest earth water reservoir in India built in the mid-50s to serve water for irrigation to farmers. It has spread over 8000 sq km.

Mukutmanipur is also famous for local Bengali cuisine. This sweet Bengali Dish is served all across the restaurants in this town.

There are mainly two government houses, apart from these there are many youth hostels, lodges, and hotels with restaurants in the town.

Tourists can use several auto-rickshaws and cycle rickshaws available publicly on the road. There is Bangopalpur Reserve Forestalso to visit for many different species of birds and animals. It is just about 2 km from theMukutmanipur dam.

Mukutmanipur Dam

The number of tourists visiting this place is more than 200,000 every year which is increasing day by day. It is the resort located on the bank of the Mukutmanipur Dam i.e. visited by all tourists from all over the world since it offers awe-aspiring views of this dam.

Mukutmanipur weather is hot, humid& great. The best time to visit this Mukutmanipur is after the winter season just before starting the summer. 

It is the best place and the dam to visit as costing is affordable.

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