Traveling to Ajodhya Pahar Purulia


Ayodhya hills or Ayodhya Pahar is part of the Dalma Mountain range that is located around 250 km from Kolkata. It is basically in between the border of West Bengal and Jharkhand, Purulia district. We have listened to Hindu Religion that Lord Rama and Sita have stayed in the Ajodhya Hills.

Ajodhya Hills is a great spot for trekking in the deep forests. It is around the lakes in the hills that are having the witness of some of the great things like wildlife, bird-watching, local tribal culture &, etc.

Ajodhya Hills
Ajodhya Hills

Ajodhya Hills is the perfect place for nature lovers and photographers. These are the 2 main hills i.e. Gorshabru and Mayur hills. It is a popular destination for mountaineers to start rock climbing.

The best time to visit Ajoydhya is September to March as there are clear skies and a little chill in the wind. There are stay options that are available in the village of Baghmundi. i.e. Forest Rest House. The daily life here becomes necessary to sometimes get away from the city to someplace that is peaceful and soul-soothing.

Ajodhya Hills
Ajodhya Hills Top view

Eastern India is not much famous for tourists as compared to western, northern, and southern Places. People willing to explore so they look for some good options to do it for.  It is one of those places i.e. Ajodhya Pahar in West Bengal Purulia.

Earlier it was not famous that place because of the Maoist infestation but at present, we can find friendlier people here. We decide to visit this place on a weekend.

First, we have to reach the Khairbera Dam that seems to completely belong to the moment as there was no other living soul. It is an absolute nature’s paradise.

Ajodhya Hills

We moved from here to reach our next destination Muruguma Dam. It was here that we had booked the stay at an Eco hut facility.

Anyone who is going so you will love to stay here. In the afternoon we have lunch and a short nap we walked over to the Dam. You can spend your time sitting on the dam. You can also enjoy the sunset.

When you stay at night you can hear the howling of jackals, the hooting of owls, gaze at the milky way as you want, and many other natural things. Finally, we have retired to the huts to be ready for the next days of the trip.

You can take the help of a guide as we have moved towards the other sightseeing areas. First, you have to visit the marble lake with the few clicks i.e. moved on the Bamni waterfall.

One needs to trek for quite some time and you can reach the lowest tier of the waterfall where there’ is very less crowd. You can enjoy a dip in the waterfall at your own will. After a refreshing time, you can hike up to the car parking.

Ajodhya Hills
Ajodhya Hills

You can also travel to the Government-run guest house at Ayodhya Pahar for your lunch before heading back to your hometown.

This is the best place of nature out of where you can go through the Ram and Sita where people work.