3 Places You Should Travel If You Need A Break From The Ordinary


Whether you are reaching retirement soon and looking for interesting places to travel to since you will finally have time off work, or are younger and have decided not to wait and want to travel now to broaden your worldview, there is so much out there to see. Here are 3 places you should travel if you want a break from the ordinary.

Canada has so much to offer, no matter who you are. There are mountains, oceans, lakes, and National Parks, as well as just about any other type of natural landscape you could hope to see. There are also so many remote areas since it’s such a large country, so there is a lot of untouched wilderness which is really remarkable to see. 

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The wildlife is also so interesting in Canada – you’re bound to see animals up close that you would likely never see elsewhere. Talk to your travel agent today or go online and book a trip yourself, because if you are even mildly adventurous, Canada is not a place that you want to miss. 


Just like Canada, Australia has a lot of wilderness (ever heard of the outback?) and uninhabited terrain that truly makes you feel like you are out in the wild. As an added bonus, there are many types of wild animals that literally do not exist anywhere else in the world. Seeing them in captivity or in zoos is just not the same, so if you are an animal lover, 

Australia is the place for you! An added bonus is that the weather in Australia is generally the opposite of that in the United States because of their location in relation to the equator. If you’re looking for a summer vacation in the middle of Winter, Australia could be the perfect place for you to go. 


Los Angeles, and more specifically Hollywood, is known for the place where television programs and movies are made, but also the strange and unusual things that happen there. There are so many interesting people to meet and things to experience. Not to mention the great weather! Hollywood is definitely one of those bucket list places you should try to visit at least once if you can. You’re sure to have a blast. 

Traveling is exciting and fun no matter what, but sometimes it can get boring if you are going to the same places over and over again. 

By the same token, you may not get that giddy feeling when your plane lands in a place that you have seen thousands of pictures of and you feel like you already know what to expect! 

Hopefully, this list helps you to make some travel plans to places that will really take you out of the ordinary.