4 Reasons People Love Traveling in Campers 


Although once upon a time traveling in a camper was something we associated with family vacations, or maybe even gypsies, the truth is that nowadays camper culture is hotter than ever. Although the revival of camper culture was already well in place, COVID-19 encouraged people more than ever to pack up in a camper and leave the big city. 

People love the idea of packing everything in their van and setting out on the open road. Now, as many as three out of six people either say they are looking to buy a camping car or already own one.  So what’s the appeal? Here are some of the reasons why people love traveling in a camper and why you should too.


There’s something to be said about everything you need being in one place. Your vehicle, your bed, and your kitchen are all in the same location, making it extremely convenient for travel. 

Unlike staying in a hotel when going on a road trip, a camper allows you to continue driving even when some of your travelers are asleep. It’s as simple as taking turns behind the wheel so that you never miss a beat in arriving at your destination.

You Can Travel More Places

When you’re traveling by plane, it can be a lot more expensive to stop at multiple locations. Whereas when you’re driving in a camper van you can stop at as many places as you want on the way to where you’re going. 

Rather than having to bother with standing in lines at the airport, or printing out your boarding passes, a camper allows you to go wherever you want without having to bother with travel documents or reservation numbers.

It’s More Affordable

When you compare the price of sleeping in your camper to staying in hotels, the savings are obvious. The same goes for comparing plane or train fees in comparison to driving yourself. When you relieve yourself of the financial stress that can then accompany travel, then you can enjoy your trip that much more.

It’s More Comfortable

Sleeping in hotels is always a gamble. You’re never sure what kind of bed you’re going to get, or what the room decor will be like. Yet, when you’re sleeping in your own camper where you’re the primary designer, you know exactly what you’re going to get. 

Your bed is suited exactly to your liking, the decor is just how you want it, and your comfort is increased overall. Not to mention that if you’re someone who likes to take naps throughout the day taking a nap in your very own camper rather than in your car or in a park is a lot more appealing. You have your own little home with you wherever you go which allows you to be comfortable at all times.