4 Different Types of Beach Holidays


Beach holidays have a magic of their own. They are the perfect therapeutic escape for those who want to unwind from the stressful pressures of work and life. When you feel like doing nothing more than basking under the glorious sun and clear blue skies and rolling in the waves, then a beach holiday is the perfect option for you.

Nature has blessed us with an abundance of gorgeous beaches with stretches of white sand around the world, so picking one beachy destination can be tricky. From the all inclusive villas in Jamaica to resorts on Maldives Island, you can have your pick for a fantastic beach holiday.

Below is a quick list of four different types of beach holidays you can plan with family or friends:

1. Jamaica

If you asked us for reasons why Jamaica is the top choice for beach holidays, we’ll probably need an entire day and more to list our favorite reasons. You see, call it a bold boast if you may, but no place does beaches and white sand and surf like Jamaica.

It’s not merely a beach escape, it’s a beach paradise for sun, sky and water lovers like us. There’s every experience you can expect in Jamaica if it has to do with beaches. Starting from the compelling Caribbean island to boasting of some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, it’s all here.

You will find a stretch of sand to suit every mood you may develop in this gorgeous holiday destination. There’s also a beach to suit every character who happens to visit here. From playing sports, both of the water and the land to romantic strolls and times of frolicking with the kids in the waves, you get the gist of the kind of beach holiday you can have here.

The Montego Bay and Northwest Coast, Boston Beach and Frenchman’s cove are few of the many exquisite beaches you’ll find here.

2. Brazil

We know Brazil mainly pulls vacationers and tourists with its exotic culture but nature lovers like us know it’s the beaches here that attracts us the most. Colorful parades and bright skies are one thing: but what we love most is the gorgeous weather and the simply exotic waters in Brazil that just beckon us to dive right in.

There’s also the upbeat samba music you are sure to find blaring out of giant-sized speakers on the most happening beaches here, which instantly ignite a party spirit inside you. If you’re looking for the best beach holiday experience where you can enjoy lots of sand and your favorite sports, then head over to Copacabana Beach here.

It has a 4km long stretch of sand with a range of water sports activities, as well as football and volleyball facilities to enjoy here. oh, and that’s not all you’ll love to indulge in while here: be sure to carry your party outfits and dancing shoes on the trip for you’re going to love the all-night partying that happens here all-year round!

3. Egypt

Egypt may attract you with its rich culture and heritage but if a holiday escape is all you want, then set your eyes on the golden beaches here. This is a one-of-a-kind beach holiday experience, where you fill find phenomenal mountain ranges surrounding the stunning golden beaches here.

There’s a magical and secretive feel which is typical to the Egyptian beaches and difficult, if not impossible, to find elsewhere there’s also the Ras Shitan to visit, where the cushioned seating areas are so exotic you wouldn’t be able to decide whether to lounge away or take a dip or two in the bluest waters too.

4. Caribbean

Many popularly refer to the Caribbean as the honeymoon destination but we call it the perfect beach holiday destination. What’s to stop you from relaxing away at this paradise when you have the time and liberty to do so? Besides, the Caribbean has the bluest clear waters and some of the brightest white sandy beaches that place it in the top wish lists of vacationers.

Along with the majestic beaches, you can also enjoy the spectacular nightlife of the Caribbean at Montego Bay. There are some great snorkeling opportunities that await water-sports lovers here too, along with the scrumptious Jamaican cuisine to tantalize the taste buds.

Moreover, if you need more indulgences than the tempting clear waters, you can always go golfing, try your luck at the casinos of experience some fine snorkeling over here.

Final Thoughts

Beach holidays are not only fun; they’re therapeutic and reviving. They give people an opportunity to completely unwind inside and out and revive their energies, their health and their zeal. When your hectic schedule tires you out till you feel soul weary, a trip to one of the destinations mentioned above is sure to revive and relax you like never before.