5 Recommended Places for Refreshing and Work From Bali


Recently, working from Bali is becoming a trend among workers. This trend follows the work-from-anywhere policy that has been implemented by many companies during the pandemic. Have you ever imagined being able to refresh and work at a Bali park?

Recommended Places to Refresh and Work in Bali

Below are some recommendations for a coworking space designed with a cafe and garden. It is very suitable for people who want to focus on work but can still enjoy their vacation in Bali. These types of working spaces are getting popular in our world today. No wonder startups prefer to situate their businesses at these bars and restaurants. Of cause, there’s the advantage of proximity to benefit from bar and restaurant gifts such as discounted meals and special treats.

1. RumahSanur (Sanur House)

Let’s start this list with RumahSanur, located in Sanur, Denpasar City. This coworking space is designed with the concept of a coffee shop. The goal is to make the people who work in it more relaxed.

There are many exciting things on offer here. For example, live music is performed by professional musicians. They are ready to liven up the atmosphere and accompany people who are working. There are many outdoor and indoor spaces to choose from. There is also a section that is made like a garden. Here, visitors can work while breathing the fresh air.

2. Hubub Bali

Hubud Bali offers a green and fresh natural feel for visitors who want to work in this location. Natural nuance is really highlighted here. There is a space to work with an open concept that directly faces the garden. In addition, there is also another section that offers views of the rice fields. Apart from providing a comfortable workplace, Hubud Bali, located in Gianyar, also provides a variety of delicious food and drinks.

3. BiliqSeminyak

BiliqSeminyak is a coworking space that has super complete facilities. There are workplaces, cafes, meeting rooms, and even bedrooms for tired visitors. This coworking space uses wood as the building material. It brings out a simple yet warm impression. Combined with a garden equipped with a swimming pool, BiliqSeminyak is indeed people’s favorite.

4. Hub Bali

Want to feel the atmosphere of working in the middle of a garden equipped with a swimming pool? Hub Bali is the best choice. Besides being able to work calmly and focus, this place can also be used as a refreshing location.

The workload that may be heavy can be healed by looking at the scenery around the Hub Bali. If you want to be more focused without distraction, choose an indoor place to work.

5. Outpost Ubud

The last recommended coworking space and cafe is Outpost, located in Ubud. Not only provides a desk for work, but this place also provides a bed to rest after work. If you want to work casually, try taking a location in the middle of the park. There are provided bean bags that can be used by all visitors.

Before deciding to work at one of the coworking cafes above, you should contact the manager first. This needs to be done to find out how to book, pay and any other information you need.