A Beginner Travel Guide to Amritsar


Is it your first time touring Amritsar? Well, there are various reasons to plan a trip to the beautiful city. Amritsar boasts of multiple tourist attractions ranging from the Golden Temple, Sadda Pind, Gobindgarh Fort, and more. Your choices of airline providers are also endless. Whether traveling from Dubai, Mumbai, or other parts of the globe, you can always get exciting deals on air tickets.


Here’s the ultimate travel guide to Amritsar:

1. Research helps!

We all travel for various reasons. Whether touring for vacation with family or on a business trip, knowing more about the place goes a long way. Get to know the best airline providers, hotels, attraction sites, and ticket costs. 

Also, research about the weather and pack right. What of the cuisine? You also need information on this. You can choose to sample their local cuisine or cook in your hotel room. With information about your destination, you make proper arrangements and avoid surprises upon arrival.

2. Book& Check-in online

You don’t have to involve a travel agent when booking a dubai to amritsar flight. Search for leading flight providers, book online, and enjoy hassle-free preparations. Why is this critical? As a new traveler to Amritsar, you have much to do and want to save time. Also, the conventional booking and check-in process can be daunting. Check-in online and avoid queues and hassles on your travel day. Sounds exciting? Of course, yes.

3. Make early flight bookings.

There are various leading airlines flying to Amritsar. To avoid the last-minute rush, book your tickets early. Also, compare the ticket prices among different airlines, and check out for offers. This way, you save some cash and avoid inconveniences. This works best when traveling with family; you don’t want to wait until the last minute and spend more on flight tickets.

4. Book hotels early


A little information about the city helps. It determines your choice of hotel and your budget as well. Nonetheless, early bookings will save you a lot of inconveniences. Think of the distance from the airport and major attractions in the city. You don’t want to spend much from the airport to your hotel room. 

Also, compare the rates and go for hotels with a kitchenette if possible. The local cuisine includes Amritsar kulchas, Mutton Chaap, Chole puri, and more. If you have no idea what these are, you’ll be better off cooking in your hotel room.

When is the best time to save on air tickets to Amritsar?


Flight ticket costs keep on changing. You’ll likely get the best deals during off-seasons. Most people visit between November and March, and you’ll save some if you avoid touring during this time. Also, there are fewer visitors in summer due to the unbearable heat. And you may get cheaper tickets in the summer, which runs from April to June. 

In summary

Amritsar is a favorite holiday destination for many tourists. If planning to tour the city, book tickets with renowned airlines, and be on the lookout for offers. Also, book early, pack accordingly, and check-in online. By so doing, you save a lot of time and money and enjoy a fun trip.