Time to Get Out – With A Road Trip


A road trip does not mean taking your car out on the road and just hitting the road instantly. There must be a lot of planning involved in the groundwork to be done before heading it out. This also included whether you would need to hire a car, which types of road you will be driving on, the duration of your road trip and preparing for the various weather conditions you may face.

There are many other things that you must ask yourself to take the best route. Will be able to drive throughout the trip that you should I travel with many other scenarios. All these factors need to be carefully taken into consideration that you take before the starting wheel.

List of things you need to remember when you start to take out from any Indian road trip :

1.Your Road Trip

India presents you with all kinds of roads. You will get the experience of different landscapes and road conditions. Don’t underestimate the power of potholes so choose to ride carefully.

I have taken my 12-year-old i10 for many road trips because I trust it more than an SUV. I know my ride inside out and my car knows me.

2. When you have to Travel

The diversified geography of India ensures that there is always a tourist season in some part of the country or the other. I have friends who have transported their Bullet bikes via train from Chennai to Jammu before driving on the famous Leh-Ladakh-Rohtang-Manali road trip. It is always advisable to explore all possible innovative options before you set the time to travel.


3. The Duration Time

A journey from Bengaluru to Delhi doesn’t count as a road trip unless you go through the towns and villages road. A road trip is not just a long drive but it explores also. You can spare a few days to make it stops at places that you interest in.

4. Driving Companions

When you travel a very important point is a companion. Your endurance on the road might be very different from your companion’s.

Long drives are not everyone’s cup of tea and you really would not want the unnecessary moaning and complaining. There is also the comfort factor to be taken into the account. If you are driving with four other passengers then the front seats tend to be more comfortable than the ones at the back.

5. You have to achieve the Best Drive & also the Balance


A road trip should not have more than 25% of the driving time then it should be a driving time of not more than 42 hours. You can distribute your drive time as per your convenience alternating between the long and short spells or a very long one.

6. You can pamper Your Ride

You have taken your car service before you hit the road. You must inform the service station about your grand plans so it fine-tunes your ride. You can do some useful tips from them. I don’t forget to grab a couple of spare fuses from them on the way.

7. You have to check all the Posts & Tolls

While driving you will come across a lot of tolls and police check posts. You should have cash on you at all times with plenty of change to pay toll tax.

As for the police check posts, there is no secret for you. If you are driving a vehicle registered in a different state then you might be subjected to a lot of checking. Please make sure all your papers are valid and updated including your driving license, registration, car insurance, and pollution under control certificate.