Boise Idaho’s Camel’s Back Park


What makes Boise, Idaho, the best tourist destination is the small-town feel and the many big-city amenities. It is a great city for everyone regardless of their sex, age, or political following. Both the indoor and the outdoor scenes in this city are perfect, and there is something for everyone. One of the tourist attractions in Boise that is popular is the Camel’s, Back Park. Learn more about this park and the reason it should be your next tourist destination.

History of the Camel’s Back Park

Before Camel’s Back Park became a public garden owned by Boise, Benard Lemp was the owner. Benard Lamp was related to a former mayor. But in 1932, he sold the 11 acres park to the city of Boise, Idaho.

Camel’s Back Park was developed to its current glory through donations from individuals and organizations like National Guard, Boise Jaycees, Optimist Club, and Local Rotary Club. It was dedicated to the city in 1965. 

What Is Found In Camel’s Back Park?

The park is known to have a great viewing point for astronomical events, kite flying, drumming, and fireworks. If the snow falls in winter, the lower hills found in the park become one of the best sliding areas.

Some of the amenities found in the park are

  • A playing field
  • Picnic area
  • Tennis court
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Mountain biking
  • Fitness center
  • Great Hiking

All the amenities can be accessed by the public at all times. But, it is possible to have reservations made by going through Boise Parks and Recreation.


Attraction Features In Camel’s Back Park

  • Hyde Park 

The mini town just outside of Boise is known to be on the National Historic Register due to its buildings and architecture. It also has a semi-modern retail area that is not common in the community. The street is a must-visit because it is one of the most exciting places to be. It has active activities you can get involved with each day. The park has excellent bike trails, and it is no wonder it is the unofficial headquarters for cyclists. It is also the home to some of the finest eateries, businesses, and shops. If you enjoy the feel of a small-town community, you are bound to have fun when you visit Hyde Park.

  • Harrison Boulevard

The design and architecture used in the making of the Harrison Boulevard are unique and distinctive. The garden is filled with beautiful flowers and trees, making the park the best place for a picnic, wedding, party, or place to relax. Some of the oldest homes in the city are located on Harrison Boulevard.

  • Immanuel M.E Church

The Immanuel M.E Church is an important tourist attraction because it has been named among the Top Ten Most Endangered National Historic Places. The church was built as a mission church in Boise, and its design was by Tourtellotte and Hummel. The church was built in 1970, and when the congregations started to diminish, the church was sold. Over the years, it has changed ownership several times, and Trica, a Children Dance Institute, now the current owner. It has also undergone serval renovations for it to be the structure it is today. If you enjoy history or architecture, you will enjoy visiting the Church.

  • Hull’s Gulch Reserve

Hull’s Gulch was bought and preserved by Boise City’s cooperation and the efforts of the people of Boise. The area is located in the arid area of the Boise Skyline and the North End. One of the reasons to visit the area is that it has rare plants, riparian corridos, and wintering range. It also has a recreation range on the foothill. When you visit the reserve, you will enjoy connecting with Mother Nature.

  • Boise Ba Fort Boise

The Boise BA Fort Boise is home to a hospital and two Veteran homes. It is also a beautiful park that is open to the public. But, you need to be respectful to the residents in the hospital or the Veteran’s home. The first Fort Boise was designed in 1834, but there were a lot of floods and attacks from the Indians which led to the park being uninhibited. But, in 1863, the services built another Fort Boise. The park is beautiful and an excellent place for you to relax and rejuvenate.


When traveling to Boise Idaho, be sure to check out Camel’s Park to enjoy the rich history it has to offer. Visiting the city will connect you with some of the most friendly people in the USA. You will also enjoy the outdoor setting, great vibe, and openness the park has.