Affordable Lodgings and Unique Destinations near Tanah Lot


Are you looking for comfortable Bali hotels to spend the night near Tanah Lot? Because the Island of the Gods is a popular tourist icon in Indonesia, it is often visited by many foreign tourists from various countries. It is said that multiple things here are expensive. But in fact, there are also relatively cheap lodgings available for you.

List of Affordable Bali Lodgings

If you are planning your trip to Bali to visit Lot Temple and several destinations around it in a few days, then here are some cheap lodgings that you can try:

1. RepagWayan Hotel

With rates starting from 200 thousand rupiah, this hotel near Lot Temple is also close to Pererenan and Echo Beach. The rooms are clean, tidy, and air-conditioned. There are also private bathrooms and free Wi-Fi. The location is in Canggu, North Kuta, on JalanPantaiBatuMejan.

2. Villa Grace

This 4-star inn offers spacious rooms with modern interiors and complete facilities ranging from air conditioning to cable TV. There are also spa facilities, BBQ, swimming pool, bicycle rental, and breakfast. Prices start from 400 thousand rupiah per night.

3. AstitiGraha Hotel

This 3-star hotel offers air-conditioned rooms and free Wi-Fi with prices starting from 200 thousand rupiah. Strategic location near several beaches with public facilities such as:

  • Tour guide
  • Airport shuttle
  • Rent car
  • Luggage storage
  • Restaurant & cafe
  • BBQ
  • Picnic area

4. Tegalsari Homestay

This homestay starts at a rate of 300 thousand rupiah. Tegalsari offers some standard facilities, such as a private pool and Wi-Fi access in all areas. And the last, the location is near Lot Temple, TirtaDewi Park, Echo Beach, Pererenan Beach, Canggu Beach, and DeuxMachina.

5. LilisCempaka Guesthouse

This place is close to Bali Golf Nirwana, Echo Beach, Kedungu Beach, and Pura Lot. Prices start from 200 thousand rupiahs with large comfortable beds, air conditioning, restaurant, swimming pool, Wi-Fi, 24-hour room service, and parking lot.

Other Destinations

If you have arrived in Bali, don’t only visit Tanah Lot Temple, here are some other recommendations to visit around the area:

Coral Island: this place offers a view of a large rock in the middle of the sea that can only be seen at low tide.

Holy Water Cave: This sacred cave has a flow of fresh water from the sea, is considered sacred and is often used by Hindus for traditional events. Tourists can use water to wash their face or hands and even drink it. It is said that this water has many benefits.

Tri Antaka Monument: this historical monument wrapped with the view of the Bali sea is closely related to the NICA incident and the 1945 struggle of Bali.

Kecak Dance Performance: there is a Kecak dance performance near Lot temple, which tells the story of Hanoman, DewiSinta, and Ravana. This dramatic story is wrapped in an epic, beautiful dance that captivates many, including foreign tourists. Show times are usually late afternoon to evening.

Temples of Worship: two unique temples near Tanah Lot are BatuBolong Temple and Luhur Temple, located on a giant rock by the beach.

Traveling to Bali, such as Lot Temple or nearby destinations, does not have to be expensive as long as you can choose the right lodging accommodations as listed above. Happy holiday!