All you know about Susunia hill.

Susunia hill is situated in the southern part of the West Bengal in India. When you are on the way to Bankura Purulia it is 10 kilometers North-East of Chhatna which is again 13 kilometers from the Bankura town. 

Susunia hill has a height of around 1200 feet. It is a popular place of great archaeological value. The Gandheswari river keeps whispering always down the hill which dominates the place with its fiery orange hue in the seasons. You can unwind your mind and breathe in the solitude of the pristine Nature. 

Susunia is the home for butterflies like Golden Angel, Tawny Raja, Spotted Swordtail, and many more. For a nature photographer, it is the best place in Spring as this natural sanctuary glows like Diva and others.

Susunia Shiva Temple

It is a famous spot in the Bankura District for sports mainly like rock climbing, trekking, and many others. This hillock is popular among novice and expert mountaineers. Many and successful mountaineers of the country have started their journey from this hill. Especially in during winters, trekking and camping activities are arranged on the Susunia Hill. It is enveloped in the ranges of the Eastern Ghats. It rests amidst the lush greenery that is spending in a day on this hill is good. It is the perfect way to escape from the loud and polluted airs of the city and live a natural life.

It is the ancient carved monolith structure on the Susunia Hill that is named as the Narasimha Stone. The best things are that carvings on this hill are called as the oldest stone. It is interesting about this stone that a fresh spring water stream shoots out of it.

Lord Narasimha is the reincarnation of the Lord Vishnu. During the spring waters that are considered to be very holy. It is cradled in the gentle caress of nature that makes it an ideal place to travel and also you can beat the summer heat when you are traveling in summer. It is blow off some steam after a long week and completely relax your mind and body.

It explores the unspoiled beauty of Nature with old moments that you want to see. The hill believed to be the ancient than Lord Himalayas. Raja Chandra Varman had his fort on this hill. 

Susunia hill top view

It also carries the great archaeological value as well i.e. It is the home to many animals like Giraffe, Asiatic Lion, Hyena and many other animal species. You can free among the crowd of ‘Shal-Palash’ and walk through the soft green light while climbing up the slopes of the hill. 

It is also a great reserve of various types of medicinal plants. You can spend your leisure days in the breathtaking beauty of nature embracing the vast canopy of flora. 

Conclusion: –

It can be hard to choose the best places to visit during the summer holidays so West Bengal is the best option. It is a budgeted trip to Susunia hills and you can visit for the natural experience.