Where you can find the healthiest poultry meat


Chicken farms in Romania are not only breeding and slaughterhouses in order to deliver poultry meat on the market to make money. They are more than that, because over de decades they became a culture, a way of living for those who decided to raise businesses from that. There are some strict and well established rules when it comes to raising and processing the chicken meat from every area of the country which are transmitted from generation to generation.

One of the first objectives in farms is to use as little chemical fertilizers as possible in order to have chicken growing in a natural and a healthy way, and not forced to gain weight in a short period of time. Feeding the poultry properly at the farm gives an unique taste for the meat after this is processed and this is what happens at La Provincia poultry farm.

Being in great control of hygiene rules in the production and raising of the chicken and also of the taste of the food, this farm always had the best results over the time. To have the most suitable chicken meat for all the demands on the market, the production is diversified periodically using only ingredients taken from the natural environment in order to preserve all the proteins and the taste of them.

Having a development cycle really stable which meets the highest standards, la Provincia farm has the opportunity to grow more and more due to the selling of all their products and the good feedback received from all their customers not only from Romania, but from the other countries where are sold.

As a strongly appreciated argument in being one of the most reliable farms, the employees from here are concerned also about the safety and well being of the environment and they want to reduce and replace all the chemical fertilizers with organic and natural substances. What is more about this, all the litter residues from chicken during the process of raising is reused and offered as natural feritilizer to companies which need it in their production.