Private Limo Services are now Safe. Give Twelve Transfers a Try!


Are you planning to travel in the near future in Miami or even Fort Lauderdale? You’re entitled to a bit of worry, after all, we are living basically unprecedented times. However, this should not turn into something more serious – as long as you are cautious and take care of yourself, all should be well.

One of the measures you should take after your plane lands in Florida is to hop on a private airport transfer vehicle – it would be best to avoid public transportation for a while, as the large number of passengers could mean a higher risk for you.

But who should you choose? There are quite a few options out there when it comes to private limo services in the US. However, there is one company that stands out with its services and benefits for all clients, and its name is Twelve Transfers.

Twelve Transfers came to be more than 6 years ago in jolly old London. After perfecting the art of private limo services across the ocean, Twelve Transfers decided the next challenge lies in the States, in Florida to be specific.

Since then, Twelve Transfers has replicated the recipe in the United States and has already gathered so many positive reviews from tourists and locals alike. You see, these 6 years of international experience really sets them apart and grants them a unique view on the industry.

However, it’s not all about experience, isn’t it? It’s about cars as well. You’ll be happy to hear that Twelve Transfers also stands out through its amazing fleet of vehicles. Imagine being picked up and driven to your destination in a luxurious Cadillac Escalade, a BMW 7 Series or even a Mercedes S Class.

That speaks for comfort as well. You’ll want to sit back and enjoy the ride – a private limo transfer can mean an unconventional way of relaxing while reaching your destination safe and sound. You’ll get everything you’ve payed for and more if you choose Twelve.

All of these sound great, but a great company is known through its capability of adapting when the context demands it. The global pandemic, for example, made Twelve Transfers even more aware of the precautions they have to take in order to ensure safe and reliable rides.

As such, the vehicles in the Twelve Transfers fleet are constantly cleaned in order to ensure that every client reaches their destination safe and sound. It’s just one more reason to give them a chance and convince yourself of all the benefits.

Are you ready to reach your destination taking all the precautions necessary? Make sure Twelve Transfers is one of them too! Be sure to go over to the official website and see for yourself how Limo Services in the US can now be not only accessible but also cheap and safe at the same time.

Twelve Transfers means cheap prices, safe transfers, premium services, and awesome customer service all in one. Be sure to check them out and see for yourself!