All you need to know about Puri Jagannath

Puri temple

Puri Jagannath Temple is located in the capital city Bhubaneswar of Odisha. This temple is the supreme importance for the Hindu devotees, as it is one of the Char-Dham Pilgrimages. It also serves as the historical structure that built many years ago.

It is a great place & only Hindus are allowed to enter this temple. It is believing that Lord Jagannath is considered as one of the Lord Vishnu Avtar. Millions of people visit Odisha mainly for Lord Jagannath temple every year.

The temple is mainly famous for its Rath Yatra. This Rath Yatra is witnessed by many people.

Mysteriousactivities without any scientific explanations have caught the travel eye from worldwide to Jagannath Puri.

Puri Temple
Puri Temple

You can reach by flight to the nearest airport Bhubaneshwar or you can reach by train to the Puri Railway station. You have different facilities like taxis, bus from airport or railway station to reach the Jaganath temple.

There are many things we all should know about PuriJagannath, we will share some of these mind-blowingfacts that you all should know.

1. Nature Dress Code:

The nature principle has numerous applications we listen from different peoples.

First of all, from the giant to all peoples visiting there having a small flag in your hand to follow the same dress code.

The flag mounted on the top of the Jagannath Temple is a unique exception to the scientific principle. This flag always flows in the opposite direction to the wind without any scientific background to it.

2. Climb to the flag position:

The priest climbs to the walls of the temple having a height equivalent to a 45-floor buildingto change the flag top. This practice is done with open hands without any protective gear every day.

It is believed that if the ritual is skipped one day, the temple will be shut down for a minimum of 18 years.

Puri Temple

3.The secret of Sudarshan Chakra

There are different mysteries present in the temple in the form of the Sudarshan Chakra. We will the 2 same stories that we hear from the temple priests.

The first one said by them is that the theory of how the hard metal weighing about a tone, just got up there without any machinery only with the human force of that century. 
The second one said by them is related to the architectural technique to Chakra i.e. From every direction you look the Chakra looks back with the same appearance. It is just like that it was designed to look the same from everywhere. 

4. Nothing is Above God, nothing can Fly Above It:

We see birds sitting, resting and flying above our heads and rooftops in daily life, but this particular area is restricted& also not even a single bird is seen till now from the date of establishment above the temple dome.

Also, even an airplane could not be seen hovering above the temple.

Puri Jagannath
Puri Jagannath main Temple

5. Food or Prasad is never wasted:

Wasting food is a bad sign, This Temple crew follows the same.  

The total number of people visiting the temple varies from 2,000 to 2, 00,000 people every day. It is a miracle, the Parsadam prepared every day is never wasted even a single bite.