What is Thailand famous for?


When you are looking for a special trip, then you want to know about Thailand is most famous for. Thailand is the most visited countries in the world. 40 million traveller’s travel every year, it increases every year.

Thailand has many things to visit, we will discuss the places to visit in Thailand in this blog.

Thailand has many islands with countless Resorts or Hotels. The attractions include incredible islands, street food, incredible temples across the country.

One of the well-known Josh Shephard from The Lost Passport has lived in Thailand for 5 years. He explores the country from remote mountains in the north to tropical islands in the south. It is a famous destination for travelers across the world. It locates Thailand in Southern Asia.

You can enjoy the beaches in Thailand. One of the most famous is Phuket Island. In Phuket, many hotels have huts and sites where you can feel the great wind from the ocean. No place in the world is like Phuket.

Phuket Island
Phuket Island

Thailand has exotic cuisine as well as temples, shopping &etc. places to visit. Buddhism is the main religion in Thailand that hold the country. Temples are within the Bangkok city and others located in the forest. where you would need a travel guide to reach Local people are friendly and helpful.


Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. There is plenty to see. If you want to go shopping you can take transport to any location. You can use another option that you can do is to take a ride on an elephant or see the city lifestyle how people live there.

Now it’s time for food if you have any type eaten Thailand food you will know that it has a great experience. There are different meals like noodles, your choice of meat, spicy food, sweet food or both.

There are many cooking shows, cooking channels, cooking books, &etc., that can help you to create those Thailand diseases & taste it at your home.

Thailand is famous for Muay Thai Martial Arts. It is a combination of kicking, punching, and fighting. You can start to take classes based on this art form. To become a master in it you have to patience and many years of practice. Well, known fighters use Muay Thai as the basis of their training.

Muay Thai Martial Arts
Muay Thai Martial Arts

Plan to travel in August for the Khao Phansa candle festival. It is a great period and it is important to note that alcohol is not permitted at this festival. Before visiting in this time, it is important to take rainy clothes as it is most likely rain for the entire period.

Before the candle festival in Tung Si Muang, there are different events that help you to prepare. The event candles are placed to float that is not decorated and sent all around the city. This candle will remain light during the entire three months.

Conclusion: –

When you should decide to plan a trip to Thailand on a special occasion. It may be a honeymoon, & any special occasion. It can be hard to choose the best places to visit during your stay so Thailand is the better option.