Five Packing Tips for the Traveling Couple


If you are traveling with your partner then you have to run some luggage along the way. We are sharing some ways that you can pack your way to happier vacation memories. If you have traveled anywhere with the significant, there is a good chance you know how to run some of the luggage along the way. If you want to fight less on the next trip the key is to pack less. It is a simple concept but it is easier to be done.

If you are unfamiliar then packing cubes are the fabric containers. It can help you better to organize the contents of your luggage by compressing the clothes. If you are not already using them then you are trading less packing space for travel stress.

We swear by our packing cubes told by the Adam Lukaszewicz travel blogger. He started with his partner Hannah. They are particularly useful for couples who share bags by making it easier to see whose things are where.

Traveling with your partner

If you are sharing a suitcase that you can assign different colors to each person so that you easily know about everyone and the luggage they are taking. If avoiding the checked luggage is your goal then you have to house your new packing cubes.

For most travelers, Mr. Dillon recommends the Travelpro-Magna for its balance of size, price, and reliability. Frequent travelers may upgrade to the Briggs & Riley Baseline which carries extra features that include the expandable room.

We have backpacks for hiking trips, suitcases mainly for the weekend trips. For journeys to the remote location’s versatility is the most important attribute. We use backpack straps instead for the wheels but it is great to have the option of backpack straps. We have used them when traveling to Koh Lipe is an island in Thailand by ferry where you had been dragging your luggage.

You can layout for the daily outfits that can bring what you need to bring the pieces that can make several outfits. It always packs the layers and pieces that can easily mix and match. Shoes are the major space drain that can help to decide in advance what you will need on your trip rather than planning for any scenario. Being one of the pair of comfortable walking shoes that pair of sandals or something that can be dressed up.

If you are a couple who each has your bag whether it can be carry-on or the checked luggage so that if one bag is the lost one person has not lost 100 percent of their wardrobe. There are a few small items to include in your bag that can help you to get the multiple wears out of your clothing.

Start with picking a spot cleaning pen that can typically find in the travel aisle of most drugstores. She also suggested a few items that can turn any bathroom into a mini laundromat should you not have access to traditional laundry services.