The 5 Longest Rivers in Australia

Australian rivers have vital to the survival of humans and animals. There are many rivers in Australia but the 5 longest rivers in Australia are the best ones in Australia. These rivers play a vital role in the communities and modern-day Australia. It continues to play the cultural, ecological, social, and economic roles. 

5 Longest Rivers in Australia in 2020 are: –

1. Murray River (It has a distance of around 2375 km)

The Murray River is a river located in southeastern Australia. It is the longest river in Australia. Its tributaries include five of the next six longest rivers of Australia. The catchment area together with forms the Murray-Darling basin.

The Murray River rises in the Australian Alps that drain from the western side of Australia’s highest mountains. Then it meanders north-west across the Australia inland plains.

Murray River

2. Murrumbidgee River (It has a distance of around 1485 km) 

Murrumbidgee means big water in the Aboriginal culture. This river was the livelihood of the Wiradjuri nation with an abundance of mussels, crayfish, fish for many years.

Wildlife includes wildfowl, turkeys, bandicoots, kangaroos, etc. The Wagga Wagga city was established on the south bank of the river. It was extended across the river to the North Wagga Wagga. The river rises 32 km north of the Kiandra.

It bends yet again to flow westward between the Balranald, Maude. It is joined by the Lachlan. It has 140 miles from the Victorian border it joins the Murray best for travel.

3. Darling River (It has a distance of around 1472 km) 

The Darling River starts from the New South Wales and it flows in the Murray River in the Wentworth. A lot of the Darling River runs through the saltbush pastures due to the lack of the rain. It often loses more water due to evaporation that is gained by the rainfall.

Tourists want to visit the longest rivers in Australia and it will be in for a surprise as the Darling River which was under the threat that is flowing again. 

Darling River has been the drying for the quite some time. If the dry condition continues then Darling river definitely will not remain on the longest river list in the upcoming year 2020.

4. Lachlan River (It has a distance of around 1448 km)

The chief tributary of the Murrumbidgee is the Lachlan River. Eight miles east of the Gunning it rises in the eastern highlands. It flows the northwest and 48 kilometers from the Cowra as it dams up to form the Wyangala Reservoir.

The mainstream of the Lachlan River is around 1, 448 km long but during a severe drought, it may be dry. The Lachlan supports both sheep and wheat farming.

5. Warrego River (It has a distance of around 1380 km)

The Warrego River in the south-west of Queensland in the New South Wales of Orana region. It is the Darling River northernmost tributary. The river rises in the Carnarvon Range below Mount Ka Mundi. It flows from the south to reach its confluence downstream from Bourke to connect with the Darling River.