How to do safe trekking in Everest region


The Everest Base Camp is a classic, and for good reason: the scenery is impressive, the wildlife is unlike any other you will find in most other places, and the infrastructure is good (meaning you will be well fed and rested), and culture on the road is fascinating. It is one of the most popular tours in Nepal, so it is unlikely that you will have the trails for yourself, but if you come to an agreement with that, then you will surely have a great time.

Enough, because the lack of foresight or preparation could ruin your trip. While the trek to Everest base camp is popular and busy all the time. It’s still an important task, and it should not be lightly. Here are some important things to keep in mind when planning and completing the epic journey.

Tips for coping with Everest base camp


It is possible to complete the Everest View Trekking. However, this does not necessarily mean that it is advisable.

If you have not done any, or much, trekking in the Himalayas before, then a guide is more than a good idea. Therefore, they will give you local customs and interesting phenomena, and will help you maintain an emergency in case of your safety. The accommodation on the EBC walk can filled in busy seasons, but with a guide you will always have a place to stay. When trekking with a guide, you do not have to worry about the logistics of the walk. You can simply enjoy it. some visitors do event blogging on Himalaya trekking.

The train

Although trekking in the Himalayas is not the same as climbing mountains in the Himalayas, you still need a good level of health. Everyone, from the elderly to the disabled, has completed the EBC walk, so it is not necessary to be extraordinarily athletic. However, you do not need to worry about the physical challenge. Walking long distances every day, often uphill, can affect anyone. And then there’s the height in the factor in Everest.

while you prepare for your trip to Nepal at home. Try going to the gym more often or doing weekend excursions. The more you can build on an uphill walk, the better Any activity that builds muscle and increases endurance will help you on the EBC walk.

An important component of training is also available in your trekking boots. The shoes that you wear in a non-problem; I mean, it’s so comfortable that you do not feel it. Blistering feet can completely ruin the walks, which can become quite unpleasant infections.

For a detailed guide on how to train, check out this useful article.

some useful tips for base camp:

if you are planning to adjust the EBC walk in a tight schedule, you can reconsider. While the trip can be made in 12 days, there are many factors that can derail the precise plans. Flexibility is a very good approach for the Himalayas in general.

Most people fly to / from Lukla, a city with a runway that is considered the gateway to the Everest region. However, flights are often delayed and cancelled due to bad weather. It is simply not safe to fly in or out of the airport in cloudy, foggy or windy weather. Although you should not expect your flights to be delayed, you should definitely be ready in case they are. Give yourself enough buffer days or part of your trip to Lukla so you do not miss any important international connection.

You can also decide, route, that you need to reduce speed. You can get sick, or just get tired, and you need to spend an extra day or two somewhere. Altitude affects everyone differently, and one of the most dangerous things you can do while walking in the Himalayas is to push forward (and upward). when you have trouble breathing or headaches. Most of the EBC itineraries have acclimatization days incorporated, but there is no shame in taking extra


while many people go on the Everest Base Camp for natural beauty and physical challenge, an often unexpected release is the rich culture found along the way.

The Solu-Khumbu region is inhabited mainly by Sherpa people, who have religious, ethnic and linguistic ties to Tibet. The city of Namche Bazaar is the main Sherpa city in the region, and there are fascinating monasteries and ancient local houses. you will find stone prayer walls, huge prayer wheels, colorful prayer flags and temples and monasteries to visit. There is even a ‘real’ Yeti skull in the Khumjung monastery! Most cities have the least of a couple of cultural attractions. Do not allow the (certainly admirable) views of Namche.

If this is all those things beyond your thoughts and imagination, you can have the very best Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour.