How to fish successfully in Barcelona


Barcelona is a great place to visit with so many attraction sites to behold. From large and flowing streams to the Pyrenees delicious streams.  Some are just a stone throw away from Barcelona while others are quite a distance. 

With the extensive stretches of rivers, it’s possible to fish for trout throughout the year. The rivers are well connected to highways, thus you don’t have to worry about movement. 

Few things are exciting than fishing. From shore casting to fly fishing, fishing in Barcelona Spain is top-rated. 

When you go fishing, you’ve peace and some quiet time on your own. You just go fishing in a stress-free environment, having fun and without caring for the world. 

Before You Go Fishing

Any day of the week is good for fishing as long as you have the fishing permit. The requirement is mandatory and the quota limited for every section of the river. The river conditions and the climate will determine the choice of fishing zone either controlled or intensive fishing section. 

Tuna Fishing In Barcelona

Along the Mediterranean coast of Barcelona and a few miles from the coast, there’s the practice of capture and release of tuna and here you’ve the bluefin tuna exceeding 300kg in weight. 

Calafat and Castelldefels Fishing Port

A perfect starting point in summer is the Port of Calafat and the rest of the season the boat can be found in the seaport of Castelldefels in Barcelona. The port is some 50km south of Tarragona and 145km from Barcelona.  The seafront is located on the emblematic Costa Dorada in the gulf of Sant Jordi. 

The area is based on single family houses – it’s quiet urbanization of high standing with outstanding watersports and cliffs. There are also beautiful sand bays where you can enjoy fishing, sailing and diving.  Barcelona is one place with large tuna in the world. 

Fishing In the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the greatest places you can enjoy without making large displacements to inhospitable places. A single car trip will take you a place where you enjoy an unforgettable day of fishing. In the Mediterranean there’s the presence of the trophy fishes like blue sharks, fox sharks, bonito and swordfish. 

Depending on your fish preference, there are several fishing techniques like spin fishing, trolling and bloume’ fishing.  

The huge amount of coastline around the islands of Mediterranean makes fishing in this place one of the finest in the world. But to enjoy the fullest you must choose the most appropriate fishing charter to a spot where you can catch the best fish.

Fly Fishing Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout reproduces in high volume and there’s great density of fish created and that makes the area perfect for fishing round the year. Here, you should be ready to battle with the Spanish trout or even go for nymph fishing. 

To enjoy fishing, you need to choose a fishing guide who will help you know best places to visit and fish in Barcelona and learn to read the river. They’ll also show you the right fishing techniques so you enjoy your time in both the shallow and deep waters.