Tips for Buying Travel Souvenirs


Traveling has many perks – big and small. Big perks include getting to visit exotic destinations and experiencing new cultures, while small ones include collecting souvenirs as keepsakes of the places you’ve visited. Plus, they make perfect gifts for friends and family. However, shopping for souvenirs can sometimes be intimidating. 

If you’re planning a trip soon and want to bring back something special, here are some tips for buying travel souvenirs.

Research What Souvenirs Are Available

Before setting out on your journey, take some time to research the type of souvenirs that are available in the destination you’ll be visiting. Depending on where you go, there could be a wide variety of options. This will help narrow down your search and give you an idea of what type of souvenir to look for.

Here are some top types of souvenirs to consider:

  • Local crafts: Look for items like jewelry, sculptures, pottery, or textiles that have been handmade by local artisans.
  • Food and drink: Special treats like chocolates, cookies, jams, or teas are a great way to remember an area.
  • Clothing: T-shirts, hats, and scarves with local logos or designs make great souvenirs.
  • Maps and prints: Cities often have unique prints of the area that can be framed or displayed in a home.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

When shopping for souvenirs, it’s important to remember that quality is better than quantity. Don’t be tempted to buy a bunch of cheap souvenirs just for the sake of it — you want your souvenirs to last.

Here’s how to identify quality:

  • Check for craftsmanship: Take a close look at items to see if they’ve been made with care.
  • Read reviews: If you’re shopping online, read the reviews to get an idea of the quality of a product.
  • Try before you buy: If possible, test out items before you buy them. For example, if you’re buying a coffee mug, see how it feels in your hands.

Stick to Your Budget

It’s easy to get carried away when shopping for souvenirs — there are so many things that can catch your eye! To make sure you don’t overspend, it’s important to set a budget and stick to it. Try to figure out how much you can realistically afford before you go shopping and use that as your guide when deciding what souvenirs to buy. 

When in doubt, put the item down and come back later for it — if you still want it and it’s still available, it was meant to be.

Think About Transportation

Maybe you have a huge family and need to buy in bulk, or maybe you want to buy a large statue that won’t fit in your suitcase. Whatever it is, consider transportation when shopping for souvenirs. For example, if you’re planning to fly, measure and weigh your items so you know how much space they will take up in your luggage. 

You may also want to think about hiring freight unloading services if you’re shipping your souvenirs back home. This can be especially helpful if you’re buying fragile items.

Buying travel souvenirs can be an exciting and enjoyable experience. With the right research and planning, you can find the perfect souvenir that will remind you of your trip for years to come. Keep these tips in mind when shopping for souvenirs and enjoy bringing back a piece of your journey.