Jubilee Park as a place of travelling

Jubilee_Park_as_a_place_of travelling_Jamshedpur_Jharkhand
Jubilee_Park_as_a_place_of travelling_Jamshedpur_Jharkhand


we know Jubilee Park as a big park in Jharkhand. It is a great place to travel to. You can visit 12 months of the year anytime. This is a great place to spend especially summer holidays. Here you can visit with your kids and family, this is the best for the kids. We will discuss further why this is the best place for children?

Jubilee_Park_as_a_place_of  travelling_Jamshedpur_Jharkhand
Jubilee_Park_as_a_place_of travelling_Jamshedpur_Jharkhand

History Of Jubilee Park:

Jubilee Park opened in 1958. It was a gift given to Jamshedpur villagers from Tata Steel. This park shows the status of Jamshedji Tata, and it is famous as Jamshedji’s Mughal Gardens, Jamshedji’s memorial is also built here. It is decorated on Jamshed Ji’s birthday on 3rd March every year. The presence of Tata Steel Zoological Park, Nicco Jubilee Amusement Park, Jayanti Sarovar (Lake Zoo), Bat Island, Children Park, and Rose Garden are part of this why this park is so famous. We will learn more about Tata Steel Zoological Park, Nikko Jubilee Amusement Park, Jayanti Sarovar(Zoo Lake), Bat Island, Children’s Park, and Rose Garden.

A wonderful place for Travel:

Jubilee Park is famous for its decoration itself. The floral decoration here is beautiful, the evening atmosphere is wonderful, here is a glimpse of the colourful furrows in the evening. The Nikko Jubilee Amusement Park is the best place to entertain, Riding. Here Boating is also available for children to adults. All types of entertainment are available here. Jayanti Sarovar Lake is behind it where Zoo is also available, There are different kinds of animal birds in this zoo.there is children park beside it.

Traffic facilities:

It is in the middle of the city. If you are using the train then Tatanagar is the nearest railway station. you can use the bus, then mango is a nearby bus stand. If you want to use the flight then Airport is also available here,   will get the auto facility from anywhere in the city. Whether you use the train or any other facility the Jubilee park can be easily reached.

Living facilities Beside Jubilee Park:

As I have already told that it is located in the middle of the city. There is no discrepancy to stay here, Very good hotels around it are available. You will find all types of affordable hotels here. You can choose hotels according to your budget. In front of Jubilee Park, you will meet different types of food. Even if you want to enjoy a restaurant then you can visit any restaurants here. There are different types of restaurants available here.


We are proud of Tata who has given us this park for entertainment along with Tata Steel. It is the heart of Jamshedpur and Tata Steel is the life of India I have visited 5-6 times here and I liked this place so I shared my personal experience with you. You must also visit this place and your Experience should share with us how did you find this place?