UNESCO World Heritage place (Ajanta and Ellora)

UNESCO-World-Heritage-place-Ajanta-and Ellora
UNESCO-World-Heritage-place-Ajanta-and Ellora

Ajanta and Ellora caves are available in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra State. These amazing caves Both are an important UNESCO World Heritage Place. Many rulers had invested money to build these caves, Ajanta caves are Buddhist and are a mixture of Ellora caves are Hindu, Buddhist and Jain. The special point of Ajanta and Ellora caves is that these caves have been made by hand with Hammer and Chisel, so this is World Famous. Among the caves of Ajanta is India’s oldest paintings and Alora has an extraordinary beautiful architecture, both caves have ancient sculptures.

History of Ajanta and Ellora:

According to UNESCO, Ajanta caves are built on the basis of Buddhist artworks and the caves of Ellora based on the artifacts of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain,both of these influence the art of India.These caves are split into two stages,the first phase started on the 2nd century and the second phase started around 400-650.Ajanta caves are carved in the wall of 75 metre rock. In the caves, the picture art has been made from Buddha’s previous birth to ancestral only, and all Budh Devesh idols are also available. A British officer named John Smith, hunting for a tiger, discovered the entrance to the number 10 cave. Ellora has more than 100 caves, The Hindu Raj dynasty built caves of Ellora .

Some more important things about Ajanta Ellora:

These caves have been described from cave 1 to cave 30. A magnificent entrance was made on the top of the cavalry cavity between 15 and 16 of caves. It is decorated with elephants. The painting in Ajanta caves describes the caste narrative and reflects the morality of Buddha’s previous birth and ancestra. It is said that Buddha made his hundreds incarnation and this painting shows it. A temple has been constructed on the mountains of Ellora, which is also visible from the sky route.

Some Attraction and tourist place:  There are some tourist place of Ajanta Ellora

Ellora taxi

Elephant Caves

Kailasa Temple

Ajanta Caves

Grishneshwar Temple,Ellora

The Buddhist Caves,Ellora

Bibi ka makbara,Auurangabad

Jain Caves,Ellora


Daualatabad fort

Aurangabad Caves

Shopping in Aurangabad


The shopping Plaza

How to reach:

Aurangabad is the nearest city of the of Ajanta Ellora. you can use the flight then Aurangabad Airport is nearest, Here all flights come from Major City. If you want to use the train then Jalgaon and Aurangabad are nearest railway stations,both Jalgaon and Aurangabad are junction and connected to all big cities. It depends weather you want to use Bus service then bus service from Mumbai to Aurangabad is always available.

Taxi and auto rickshaws are always available for local travel in Aurangabad


I have visited Ajanta and Ellora two times. I have shared as much as I know about its caves and interactions. So, you must visit this place for more information about these cave caves. In addition to the month of April and May, you can visit here in any month of the year. It is because month of April and May is very hot.